I Love Me



Ah, the name suggests it all 🙂  It’s all about loving yourself. Seems so obvious and easy, doesn’t it? But how many times have we actually put real food into this thought. “Do we really love ourselves?Do we really take good care of ourselves? “ Let’s not confine this ‘taking good care of me’ just to our physical selves i.e. just taking good care of our health. Of course, HEALTH COMES FIRST, but isn’t ‘loving me also about the way we take care of our overall being. Also, doesn’t our love for self depend on the way we look at our “inner-self”, our self-image?

If you think carefully, you’ll find how most of the time our self-image depends on how we have been described by the people around us. Our family, friends, colleagues and other peers, every body describes us in a particular way and with time, unconsciously, we develop our self-image at par with their description and expectations. This eventually leads us to become someone we might not actually be. Over due course of time, our life becomes the result of a handful of vague decisions that we make based on this self- image (which is not so self because we have been allowing someone else to create that in our heads). Henceforth, everything that continues in the name of LIFE sums up to create a self-image filled up with a lot of fear and self-doubt.


ENOUGH! Let’s cut this all out. Let’s wipe out all fears and doubts and create a new self-image just like the one we have always wished to have. Imagination is the strongest weapon and the swiftest magic wand that we possess as humans. So let’s start imagining our self the way we have always wished it to be. Ok, so everyone calls you fat and somewhere in your head you have created this image of a bulky you who is totally incapable of being healthy and staying in the perfect shape? Throw it out; start imagining yourself as this super healthy person. If everyone thinks you are weak and meek, imagine yourself to be this person with a real strong persona. Whatever negative self-image you have in your head, wipe it out. Create this new image that is completely based on how u would like to see yourself. Once you do this, you will fall 100% sincerely in LOVE with yourself. This new image is going to make you take real-life actions that will ultimately carve out this image into reality. And hey, do not think this is too much of moral science that has nothing to do with real life. This is actually how the universe works. “First you need to imagine and believe that imagination sincerely. Real life actions to convert that imagination into a reality will continue immediately.” And if you feel, you already have the perfect self-image and the reality, well, that’s great, Cheers to you!

So let’s stop anticipating the future, craving for that perfect job or that perfect relationship, the perfect house or the dream car. Yes, I know all of that is important (and why not, it should be). But nothing is above you. YOU are the one who is the most precious and worthy of true unfaltering love, care and respect. Love yourself, love that self-image you have created all by yourself and show up for yourself. There is too much going on too fast all around your life, it’s not easy to handle, you have got too much to do in an unknown span of your life. So the first and the most important responsibility is to truly value your own existence.

Because just like the L’OREAL Ad says “You’re worth it” 🙂



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