Understanding AB-FLABS



“It’s Saturday night. You are all set to enjoy the weekend, bust out all that stress of the week passed by. You open the closet, take out that favorite “little black dress” of yours and try it on as a rehearsal (Umm, Ladies we all do that, Accept it :P)Alas! You do fit into the dress but you realise something’s wrong =/ You don’t look good actually! You touch your abdomen and feel disgusted. Love handles and Muffin-top!!!!!! Arrrgghhhh 😦 “

Ok, now if you occasionally go for a jog or may be read a “health tip” that comes in your favorite magazine, you might know these terms. For the rest of you, let me explain – Love handles are those waistline fat (kind of like a rubber tyre fit into your waist, which sadly your lover holds on to). Muffin-tops on the other hand are those fat hanging over your abdomen when you wear a really tight pair of pants.

Hmmm…. Let’s take a little a bit of our time and try to understand the science behind. Our hormones (the chemical messengers of our body) are playing an active role in the creation of these disturbing FAT ZONES. Our Adrenal gland secretes 3 Stress Hormones namely Cortisol, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine. Whenever our body undergoes any stressful condition these hormones get secreted and start working. Definitely, nature has created these tiny molecules to stabilise our internal biology. But we have exploited our physiology and made them our enemies 😦

Whenever you skip a meal, do not give your body the desired amount of physical activity (i.e.. you don’t exercise), do not sleep for 6-8 hours daily, fall sick or really really stress your body, the level of these hormones rise, rise and rise. In an effort to save your body cells from these tortures, these hormones especially CORTISOL spikes up your blood sugar levels and stops the production of Insulin (because that’s the hormone that cleanses your extra blood glucose). When the stressor gets passed, all this extra sugar gets converted into your body fat. Interestingly, it is during this very same time that Cortisol starts mobilising fat from the healthy fat storing areas of your body like Butt and Hips and brings it all to your waistline and abdomen (as they have more “ cortisol-receptor cells”).

Now stop hating “Cortisol”. The fault is all yours. Each time you have stressed out your normal physiology, you have started generating and storing fat, resulting in the creation of these unpleasant FAT zones. So, how do you get rid of these “Muffin-tops and Love-handles”. Simple, you know it – Never skip a meal, do not stress out your normal metabolism with Stupid FAD Diets, start handling life happily (keep stress at bay), get rid of all unhealthy habits, sleep in peace for 8 hours daily and most importantly, stop giving yourself another excuse of not working out.

So, Ladies! Get into the “Good Habit Mode”, keep a check on your cortisol levels and say goodbye to those flabby regions 🙂



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