The Beauty of Lifting Weights



There’s a very widely spread myth among women around the world. At some level I feel that this myth is one of the main reasons for women staying away from exercise. Most women and even men, who try to set a foot into the habit of daily exercising, often stick to a self-made cardio-vascular activity (like brisk walking or running). Well, that’s good, cardio is definitely good, but do you know the magic benefits that resistance training / strength training does to your bodies?All you ladies out there, if I ask you- “Why are you so scared of lifting weights?” I am sure your answer will be- “ Because I am a woman and I just need to shed my body fat (just a few pounds). Why do I need to lift weights for that? I don’t want muscular biceps and triceps. That’s so masculine and gross, it’s going to hurt my feminine body structure 😦

*Beep Beep*…High time for the reality check! LADIES, what if I tell you that weights are your actual best friends, your best weapon to shed all that ugly, unwanted, unhealthy body fat and build a lean healthy body!

Let me try explaining you the science behind. Working out with weights (in the form of free weights like dumbbells/ kettle bells, resistance band or weight machines) is known as strength training or resistance training. Basically, when you lift a weight, you are providing resistance to your muscles to induce muscular contractions. The concept is simple- “Muscles of the body work to overcome a resistance force when they are required to do so.” Thus, when you do resistance training repeatedly and consistently, your muscles start working actively and become stronger. Not only does it strengthens your muscles, but also it provides your body with all-round “super-benefits”.

So, what are these “super-benefits”? (Let’s learn these as sincerely as we learnt our first alphabets 🙂 )-

  1. Improved muscle strength i.e. your overall physical strength increases.
  2. Reduced body fat – As your muscles get stronger, they start burning away all the intra-muscular and unwanted fat (especially helpful in getting rid of visceral fat i.e. the hideous AB FLABs).
  3. Tones your muscles (you get those hot buns and legs, fabulous arms and ripped up abs)
  4. Increases bone density and joint function (extremely important for us women as we have a natural deficit of calcium and tendency for weak skeletal structure, especially post-pregnancy and post-menopause;  No more back ache, knee pain or twisted ankle complains).
  5. Increases stamina as your it increases the anaerobic endurance of our bodies (I promise you are not going to get dull tired and fatigued easily).
  6. Improved posture and balance (You will attain the grace and poise of those red-carpet ladies).
  7. Get rid of insomnia as your sleep cycles start improving.
  8. Increases strength of your tendons and ligaments.
  9. And last but not the least, it helps your body to stay balanced, independent and strong with ageing as it improves your overall body definition.

WOW 🙂 So many benefits and you thought that lifting weights would make you Arnold Schwarzenegger (umm… not saying that to all men reading this post, in fact it will help you become like the Terminator man). Ladies, start strength training and you will end up becoming as strong as Madonna and as hot as Beyoncé or J.Lo 😉

Of course, just like any other form of exercise, resistance training needs to be done in its correct form (the right weight, the right exercise and the right number of repetitions required) and hence, needs to be done under trained supervision. You can also do it yourself provided you learn and maintain the correct form.

So, include resistance training in your workout schedule say Good-bye to a weak flabby body and Hello to a strong, lean body 🙂



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