Practice Gratitude! Feed Your Soul.



I do not know how many of us have read (or at least come across) an article on this topic every now and then, but as someone trying hard to lead ‘the good life’, I have read a lot on this and have tried and inculcated this practice as one of my daily rituals.

GRATITUDE, it is a very beautiful word, isn’t it! It means thankfulness or the feeling/act of being thankful in appreciation of the gifts bestowed upon us. More often than not these gifts are the blessings that have been showered upon our lives. But how often have we reminded ourselves to be grateful to all the visible or invisible, real or abstract gifts that surrounds us all the time? The modern day world uses the word “Thank you” very often (more as an act of courtesy or reflection of good manners). It is almost like a reflex action. It’s good to say so and it’s good to be well mannered, no offence 🙂 But when we are asked to practice gratitude everyday in our daily lives, it has a different meaning altogether. It means everyday we are going to be thankful to life for someone or something that we do not show thankfulness towards generally or often.

Life is full of gifts and blessings. Some of them are bestowed upon us by God, some are given by time,some by our loved ones, some by our own efforts or some by destiny. It is our responsibility to express gratitude to/for all these blessings. And you know what, once you start practicing this, you will realise that the list of people,things,situations or circumstances of life that you need to be grateful towards is endless 🙂 It is a source of endless joy.

Be grateful for this universe, for this planet that supports our lives, for the fresh water down the streams (that eventually reaches our water cooler for us to drink), for the green plants and wilderness that supports human life system, for your fully functioning body cells that keep you alive, to your parents for bringing you into this world, to your family for their endless support, to your friends and co-workers. Be grateful to humanity that binds us all together, for science and arts that are ignited by the human brain. Be grateful for the beautiful night’s sleep you just got, to the food on your plate, for the smile you see on the face of your child, for those n number of times you and your loved ones have reached home safely after work, to the one who has loved you through times of joy and pain or to the mere fact that you are alive and so on so forth.

Very often we let sadness, anger, jealousy and all other forms of negative emotion take control over our daily communications, thoughts and actions. Practicing gratitude helps us channelise all those disturbing energies into the trajectory of positivity. It helps us in achieving a peaceful centre in our heart and lives. I would say that it has therapeutic effects on our soul .

Research has also shown that practicing gratitude changes the pathways of our neurones to help our system relax and fight depressive thoughts especially those of loneliness. Also, it boosts your sense of self-worth or self-esteem, helps you in strengthening your relationships and most importantly forbids you from making distractive and worthless comparisons. And it is very simple to practice. Everyday, whenever possible, just take a few minutes to think, reflect or write down at least one thing that you are grateful towards in your life. I promise you that immediately there will be a smile on your face 🙂

Start practicing gratitude and you will find your “Magical-Peace-Pills” in them 🙂



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