The King of Fruits- MANGO



Since the Indian food markets are flooded with mango these days, I wanted to write an article on the nutritional benefits of this delicious fruit 🙂 Mangoes are bright,yellow-orange coloured tropical fruits. They have an amazing sweet taste. But there is more to their qualities than their colour and taste. Let me share with you the nutritional and health benefits of consuming this wonder fruit.

1.Mangoes lower your triglyceride levels: Levels of triglycerides in your bloodstream is directly related to your heart health. Triglycerides are a type of fat present in the bloodstream that the body uses for energy. Higher levels of triglycerides are a direct indication of heart diseases. Research has shown that consuming freshly cut mangoes lead to significant decrease in triglyceride levels. Hence adding a mango to your daily healthy diet can help you manage healthy triglyceride levels.

2.Mangoes are high in dietary fibre: We all know that benefits of consuming fibres. They not only promote digestive function but also help us in controlling our appetite and elevate levels of good cholesterol. Hence, when hungry, instead of binging on unhealthy carbs like chips, pretzels and muffins; choose to have a bowl of sweet ripened mango 🙂

3.Mangoes boost up your immune system: Since they are very high in content of Vitamin C and beta-carotene (an antioxidant), mangoes are extremely helpful for your immune system. The scorching heat of the summer has considerable potential to challenge your immunity. Consuming mangoes will help you fight against various forms of infections and heal itself.  They also promote eye,skin, intestinal and urinary tract health.

4.Mangoes help you maintain a healthy weight: Taa daaa…..this one is the best,isn’t it! 🙂 Mangoes are source of natural healthy sweetener or fructose. Unlike artificial sweeteners and unhealthy sugars present in packaged juices, desserts, processed foods etc.,the sugar in mangoes do not threaten our blood sugar levels. Blood sugar levels have an intricate relationship with maintaining a healthy weight. Hence, replace your unhealthy snacks and desserts with a sweet, ripe mango to stay healthy and in shape.

So, enjoy this summer fruit happily. Whether you make a healthy mango shake with some skimmed milk or serve yourself a bowl of chilled mangoes or add pieces of mangoes to your favorite salad, consume this summer health fruit and stay healthy.


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