Dear Ladies, we all have been there and we keep visiting that state almost every month before our cycle begins! PMS or Pre-menstrual syndrome is one of the many loads that we carry in our bag pack of womanhood. It is the collection of many physical and psychological discomforts that arise just before our monthly cycles. From bloating to breast tenderness, mood swings to fatigue, acne to constipation, it’s a big list of ailments 😦 My personal worst enemies being bloating and mood swings.

I recently read a lot about the ways in which we can fight away our PMS ailments or at least keep them under check. I actually tried and tested them on myself and found them to be extremely beneficial. So, ladies here are the 8 best ways to kick off PMS 🙂

  1. Exercise, Exercise and Exercise: Aaah, I know I am a big propagator of “working-out” but trust me it actually helps more during this time of the month. Exercise helps you get a boost of endorphins or the happy hormones that ease out pain. Also it increases your levels of Serotonin, a mood-lifting neurotransmitter that will make you feel so much more alive and active and kick away all those cramps and mood swings.
  2. Drink a lot of water and cut out on salt because these are the best ways to avoid bloating.  Make sure you are drinking enough water and avoiding all kinds of super-salty chips, snacks and other condiments. Try drinking home-made flavoured waters by squeezing some citrus fruits to it.
  3. Cut down on Alcohol: To all the ladies who drink occasionally, say a big “NO” to all those happy hour enticements. Stay away booze and you will be just fine 🙂
  4. Get adequate rest: It is extremely important for you to get a lot of rest in this time of the month. Not only will it help you in taking care of your sleep cycles but will, most importantly, help your body to fight off the physiological changes that take place during this time. De-stressing will help you to keep your hormones calm as well.
  5. Cut out Caffeine: 😦 This did make me sad initially as I am a big time coffee-holic. However, cutting out your caffeine intake during this time really helps you in fighting breast tenderness, one of the most uncomfortable effects of PMS. Instead drink a glass of cold milk or try adding some berries and other fruits and spice it up into a cool milk-shake 🙂
  6. Take vitamin and mineral supplements: You may also try taking vitamin B6, B12, D, folic acid, calcium, magnesium supplements, just to make sure you have enough micro-nutrients in your body.
  7. Stay away from Sugar: Sugary foods are unhealthy always but in this time they are even more unfriendly. They play a big role in aggravating PMS by elevating those uncomfortable cramps. So stay away from them.
  8. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies: As always, fibres and phytonutrients from fruits and veggies will make you stronger and help you feel better.

So, the next time the ‘evil next-door neighbour’ PMS knocks at your door, adopt these 8 measures and kick it away happily 🙂




One thought on “8 WAYS TO FIGHT PMS

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