7 Nutrition Tips to be kept in mind always



The Equation of a Healthy Body is 20% Exercise plus 80% Nutrition. Binge eating, anytime snacking, laziness to cook a wholesome meal at home, crash – fad diets and so on & so forth have become a part of the urban eat behaviours.

Here are 7 important nutrition tips that must kept in mind in our present day increasingly busy lifestyles –

  1. Start your day with a fresh and wholesome breakfast – I can not emphasise enough how important it is to have a wholesome breakfast. After all the 7-8 hours of starving, it is a good breakfast that sets your energy levels for the entire day. Skipping breakfast is the worst habit that you can develop, as it plays a very important role in maintaining your blood glucose and insulin levels throughout the day.
  2. Never skip a meal – Just like the breakfast, all other meals are important. If you want to shed fat, then you need to eat 🙂
  3. Avoid Processed Food – Food that has more shelf life will reduce days from your life. Whether it is instant noodles, processed meat, ready-to-eat meals; it’s all going to create havoc on your metabolism in the long run. The preservatives and packaging of these foods can disrupt your endocrine system, slow down your metabolism and thus, be of no good to you.
  4. Focus on the ingredients, stop counting your calories – This is extremely important. Whenever you purchase food, take a moment to carefully go through it’s label; check the contents. Stop looking at the numbers. If the contents show a lot of refined sugar, high sodium, refined grains or unhealthy fats, ditch it happily 🙂
  5. Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate – Water is the solvent of life. 73% of our physical existence is water. Nothing can replace the vitality of a glass of fresh water. Skip all colas, sodas, iced teas and opt of a glass/ a bottle of water 🙂
  6. Be Mindful and Stop Fretting – Mindfulness is important, even when it comes to nutrition. Always listen to your body. Are you Hungry/ Thirsty/ Stressed/ Full ? Respond to your what your body’s saying you with gentle care. eat happily and stop eating the moment you are full 🙂 Also, stop fretting about every single bite you take. Believe in yourself and be grateful for the food you eat 🙂
  7. Get adequate R & R – I know, you are wondering how can possibly rest and relaxation be related to nutrition. Actually it is a very important one. According to a new research published in the Journal of Biobehavioral Medicine, only a well rested brain can lead to self restrained behaviours. Hence, if you don’t rest or sleep enough, chances are your brain is going to get more and more restless leading you to more greasy snacking or binge eating.

It’s all inter-related folks. Good knowledge inter-woven along with healthy eating behaviours is the secret to good nutrition. Happy Eating! 🙂