7  Reasons To Workout Outdoors


Man is a part of nature and nature plays an impeccable role in the health and fitness levels of an individual. As mankind is slowly moving towards an enlightened, natural and holistic way of living, scientists are discovering wonderful health benefits of working out in nature. Although it is completely a personal preference, exercising outdoors is much more beneficial than exercising indoors.

Here are 7 reasons that will inspire you to workout outdoors –

  1. Boost in energy levels – During exercise the body undergoes aerobic stress and the higher level of oxygen outdoors helps to keep the body refreshed thereby fighting away any post exercise sluggishness.
  2. Quicker healing of post exercise muscle soreness – Due to the higher levels of oxygen outdoors, soreness in the muscles post exercise, gets healed considerably faster.
  3. Vitamin D boost – Since sunlight is the only natural source of vitamin D, working out outdoors will allow your skin to soak up more Vitamin D, resulting in better bone health.
  4. Higher mental alertness – It has been found that people who workout for at least 20 minutes outdoors have a greater amount of mental alertness and focus. Being in nature soothes our senses and improves our mental abilities.
  5. Helps you stick to your routine – People who workout outdoors are more likely to stick to their exercise routines because of the freshness and vitality outdoors.
  6. Lesser risk of being Obese – Nature drives the urge of playfulness and physical movements in man and hence, children and adults who spend more time outdoors are at a much lesser risk of being obese.
  7. And last but not the least, the fresh air, the sunlight, the open space and the scenery nurtures the human body in a much more holistic manner. 

Thus, working out in nature turns out to be much more beneficial than it’s indoor counterparts.