Yoga To Relieve Menstrual Cramps



This is my first blog describing exercise moves and so I dedicate this first article to the amazing science of Yoga. Yoga is not only an ancient exercise science but a journey of liberation, self-realisation and self-control. It not only helps your body shed fat but also helps you to correct your posture, increase flexibility and build  lean muscles. Yoga postures have hundreds of other benefits as well.

Dear ladies, certain yoga postures can be very beneficial during our monthly cycles and can help us in getting relieve from menstrual cramps.

Here are 4 simple Yoga Postures that can help you in fighting menstrual cramps:

Important Note – Try each position within your comfort zone, be gentle with your body and hold each pose for as long as you can comfortably be in it (breathing normally). Remember, in Yoga you need to make sure that you are breathing gently in each pose maintaining your rnormal heart rate. Also if you have any back or knee injuries, consult your doctor before trying any of these poses.

1. Seated Forward Bend : In this posture you sit on your yoga mat (or carpet) with your legs stretched in front. Make sure to keep your spine straight. If that requires a lot of effort, you can always take help by sitting straight against a wall. Inhale gently and as you exhale bend forward stretching your hands in front. If you have good flexibility, gently grasp your feet. If that is not possible, just touch your toes (try to touch your big toe). You can also keep a pillow on top of your legs. And as you bend you can rest your forehead on the pillow.


2. Seated Wide Legged Forward Bend: Start by sitting like the way you sit for a forward bend. Now gently lift your right leg and place it towards your  extreme right (as far as possible, within your comfort zone) and then lift and place the leg left towards your left. Inhale deep and as you exhale bend forward, stretch your hands to the front. Bend forward only as much as you are comfortable.


3. Child’s Pose: This is restorative yoga pose with multiple benefits. Start by sitting on your ankles, legs folded at your knees. Now gently inhale and as you exhale bend forward, stretching your hands to the front of your body (touching the floor), lengthening your spine. Make sure to elongate your spine. Rest in this comforting position for as long as you wish 🙂


4. Static Butterfly Pose: For this pose, start by sitting in Padmasana or Lotus Pose. Now position your legs (bending your knees) in a way that the soles of both your feet touch each other. Try to position your legs as close to your pubic area as possible. Grasp your feet with both the hands and make sure to keep your back straight throughout the pose. Gently breathe in and out keeping all your senses calm.


All the above mentioned poses are very beneficial in regulating menstrual flow. They help you in getting rid of spasms and relaxes all the muscles in your entire pelvic region and lower back. Most importantly, they stimulate your uterus and ovaries and helps you maintain a normal menstrual flow.

I hope practising these poses will help you in getting relief from your menstrual cramps as I have personally benefitted a lot from them 🙂